Director of Common App Steps Down

CA logoThe Common App was riddled with technological glitches this season causing an explosion of activity on College Essay Organizer. Who else could students turn to when supplements were not being released on time, and key essay questions were often missing? Not only did we email thousands of students weekly lists detailing which colleges' supplements had released, but we also provided the complete list of essay questions even when they were not available on the Common App.

While the Common App has gotten many of its issues under control, it has been unclear how things will be handled in the coming season, and whether or not past promises (such as all college supplements being released at once on August 1) will be kept. No matter what happens post Rob Killion stepping down, we can tell you that College Essay Organizer will continue to step up and provide students with the confidence needed to complete essays as accurately and early as possible.

For more information on the Common App's change in leadership, refer to Nancy Greisemer's article here.

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May 1 is Universal Decision Day

Since it often feels like the student is completely out of control in the application process, it's good to know that you do have rights. As members of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Common App member schools have agreed to give admitted first-year students who have applied regular decision or early action till May 1 to accept or decline an offer to attend. This means that if a college requests you to reply before May 1 (and you have not applied early decision), an extension will be provided upon written request. Here is a list of regulations:

  • You can wait until May 1 to respond to an offer of admission and/or financial aid, unless you applied Early Decision. 
  • Colleges that request commitments prior to May 1 must extend you the opportunity to request an extension until May 1 that will not affect your offer for admission and/or financial aid.
  • Wait/alternate list notifications need to include the number of students on the waitlist, the number of students offered admission, and the availability of financial aid and housing.
  • You are not obligated to give a deposit or written commitment in order to remain on a waitlist.
  • You must be notified of your waitlist status by August 1.

Click here to see more of your student rights and responsibilities as published on the NACAC site.

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Tell Us About Your Interview Gaffes

There are some things that you could do in an interview that really could ruin your chances.

There are some things that you could do in an interview that really could ruin your chances.

Waiting to hear whether or not you got into a college may just be the toughest part of the college admissions process. Even though all the work is done, if you are a worrier, suddenly having additional time on your hands to think about all your worst-case scenarios can prove to be quite stressful and exhausting. And if you happened to have had a bad interview, you may think that you completely ruined your chances of getting into your dream college. Fortunately, the interview plays only a small role in getting in, and is certainly less important than your college essays, grades, and test scores. Interview gaffes do make great stories though, especially if you do end up getting an acceptance letter. Here is an example from this article of one student who did end up getting into MIT:

“I put my hand down on the table just after he put the tea on the table. What I didn’t realize was that this was the tipsiest table ever, and this enormous kettle of tea spilled onto my interviewer’s lap, so there’s your first impression.”

We'd love to hear your most memorable interview stories. Please send them to us at [email protected] We'll post the best ones (anonymously of course).


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