Student's Creative Response to MIT's Letter

mitThe admissions process brings up many stressful feelings, but here is one incident that will definitely bring a smile to your face! MIT, easily one of the most sought-after schools in the country, sent a letter to a prospective student, but what makes this situation different from others is that this student wrote back. Click here for a guaranteed laugh at this student's creative response. Kudos to the student, and we hope that his request is granted!

Students Gaining Access to Admissions Files

stanfordThe admissions process has always been stressful, in large part due to the mysteriousness of the end results delivered in sealed envelopes or precisely-timed emails. According to a recent article by Richard Perez-Pena in The New York Times, some of the esoteric nature of the admissions process is finally being exposed, at least at one college. Due to a little-known federal law that has been around for years, some Stanford students have asked for copies of their admissions records, and the university has 45 days to comply with the request. Students then receive a complete copy of their files, including comments and recommendations, and some students have shared their findings on the internet, encouraging other students to do the same. While this is only available to students who have been admitted, the findings have still been surprising.

This effort is being led by a group of students who run an anonymous newsletter called the Fountain Hopper, and according to Lisa Lapin, spokeswoman for Stanford, the requests are increasing. As this becomes more widespread, the result may be that admissions officers become more careful with what they write, and students will gain greater insight into how admissions officers are evaluating applicants. As this point, according to a Fountain Hopper staff member, “The things they write, it’s clear that they never expect them to be read. They’re very frank.”

The Sound of Hard Work Paying Off

For those of you who have the good fortune of getting accepted earlScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.22.00 PMy to college, you may have already had a moment like this. For those of you who are applying regular decision, take inspiration from this student getting into her dream college. You will get there too!

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College Admission Rates Are Not What They Appear to Be

mailboxGood news for all seniors waiting to hear back from colleges! Those low acceptance rates do not reveal the whole story. If you’re a qualified applicant whose SAT scores are within the desired range and whose essays are strong, your chances of getting in are much higher!

According to Kevin Carey’s recent article in the New York Times, The Truth Behind College Admission, “Top schools receive a substantial number of applications from underqualified students who are almost always summarily rejected. Once the wheat and chaff are separated, the success rate for the wheat looks better.”, a website that helps students submit college transcripts, found that students with competitive test scores who applied to at least one top school had an overall admission rate of 32 percent, and 80 percent of top students were accepted to at least one elite school.

Thanks to the Common App and timesaving application tools like College Essay Organizer, students are applying to more colleges each year, and that’s what it takes to maximize their chances of getting into an elite college. Carey leaves students with the following advice: “So the next time you read about terrifyingly low college admission rates, don’t panic: If you work hard and get good grades and test scores, there is very likely a place in the best schools for you.”

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