Champlain College Game Design Program 2011 Requirement

One of our favorite new requirements we've seen at College Essay Organizer comes from Champlain College's Game Design department. Have fun with it, game designers:

Challenge: Modify one of the games listed below and create a new and improved experience. The modifications should be creative, innovative and clearly communicated. As an example, you might modify Pac-Man and change the objectives from gobbling up points to teaching individuals how to save money.

Choose from one of these three games:

A) Pac-Man

B) Break-Out

C) Donkey Kong

Using any of the tools or medium listed at the bottom of this page, demonstrate the modifications of your new game by addressing the following questions. It is recommended that you copy the questions into a word processor and prepare your answers before copying them into the final submission.

  • What is the new theme of your game?
  • Describe the game environment and/or narrative associated with the game.
  • Describe the player's goals in gameplay.
  • Describe how you will challenge the players to meet those goals. What obstacles must they overcome?
  • Describe how the game is organized. Are there levels? What defines progress?
  • How does the player win?
  • How does the player lose?
  • Describe who you think would like to play this game? Who is the player?
  • Describe what interests you about Champlain College's Game Design program.
  • Describe what areas of game design you have explored (e.g. writing game narratives, creating mods, critiquing games, designing and building your own games, etc.)
  • List any technologies you have used (e.g. GameMaker, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, any modding environment, 3DS Max, Blender, etc.)
  • Any additional comments or materials?

We are always on the lookout for department-specific questions, whether or not they appear on the Common App!

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