Early Admission Rates For College Applicants

Now that you have gotten in your early applications and are likely taking a well-deserved breather, you may be wondering what your chances are of actually getting admitted early. While higher than regular admission rates, acceptance is still far from a guarantee, so make sure you continue to work on your other applications. Now is a great time to use College Essay Organizer to check out how many essays you still need to write and how best to organize them so you're not stuck writing essays over the holidays. Here's a list of 2012 early admission rates for some common schools:

University 2012 Early Acceptance Rate
Babson (Mass.) 53.00%
Barnard (N.Y.) 44.60%
Binghamton University (N.Y.) 56.00%
Brown University 19.05%
Boston U. 47.20%
Bowdoin (Me.) 25.30%
Carleton (Minn.) 40.50%
Carnegie Mellon (Pa.) 26.00%
Claremont McKenna (Calif.) 29.00%
Colby (Me.) 50.28%
Columbia University 23.00%
Colgate (N.Y.) 51.00%
Cooper Union (N.Y.) 9.00%
Cornell University 32.45%
Dartmouth (N.H.) 25.80%
Dickinson (Pa.) 52.70%
Duke (N.C.) 25.00%
Emory (Ga.) 38.00%
Grinnell (Iowa) 58.10%
Harvard University 18.25%
Harvey Mudd (Calif.) 20.00%
Johns Hopkins (Md.) 38.00%
Lafayette (Pa.) 56.00%
Lehigh (Pa.) 63.40%
Middlebury (Vt.) 32.00%
Northwestern (Ill.) 33.00%
Pitzer (Calif.) 38.00%
Pomona (Calif.) 19.70%
Princeton University 20.89%
Rensselaer Polytechnic (N.Y.) 35.30%
Scripps (Calif.) 39.00%
Stanford University 12.80%
U. of Pennsylvania 25.00%
U. of Virginia 29.00%
U.N.C., Chapel Hill 38.00%
Vanderbilt (Tenn.) 24.50%
Vassar (N.Y.) 42.50%
Virginia Tech 52.00%
Wake Forest 43.00%
Washington and Lee (Va.) 40.00%
Washington U. in St. Louis 30.80%
Wesleyan U. (Conn.) 44.54%
William and Mary (Va.) 48.33%
Yale University 15.70%


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