Early Decision Admission Deadlines Approaching

With most schools' early decision and early action admission deadlines fast approaching, we at CEO want to drop a little wisdom on you:

Don't wait until you hear back to get

started on the rest of your applications.

We see it year in and year out - students put all their eggs in the basket of their dreams, and are then left with a pile of writing to do in a very short window when they receive the dreaded thin envelope.

Remember that college applications, even if you're using the Common Application, are usually made up of several essays, both long and short. And when you're applying to six, eight, ten or even more universities, the amount of writing you may need to do can easily get out of hand.

Head on over to our Essay RoadMap preview and see - for FREE - how many essays your schools will require. Then get started ahead of time and make sure you're using your time wisely while writing as few essays as possible for all your questions.

We're looking to save you time and effort, so get started now. You can thank us later.

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