Educational Consultants Are Raving About College Essay Organizer!


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Independent Consultants Love College Essay Organizer

We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from members. Our technology was designed to make the college essay process simpler, faster, and smarter. See what our members are saying:


“College Essay Organizer has become an integral part of my service package for clients. My students have benefited from having all their essay prompts in one place. The RoadMap shows students how to work smarter, not harder, with their essays. Having a definite plan for completing essays in an efficient and organized manner is saving my clients considerable time and reducing their stress. This service is an absolute ‘must have’ for any educational consultant who works with college issues. My students are more focused and their parents appreciate having this resource to assist their child.”

- Jim Overton, College Consultants of South Carolina (South Carolina)


“I cannot imagine doing this ‘by hand’ now that I have signed up for College Essay Organizer. It is an extremely useful tool to keep track of everything and to organize the essay requirements.”

- Kathryn Miller, Miller Educational Consulting (Colorado)


“The feedback from my students has been great! Most are excited to discover they have fewer essays to write than they originally expected and love seeing how to ‘tweak’ them to work for multiple schools.”

- Deb Shames, College Consultant (New Jersey)


“I love using College Essay Organizer! It has saved quite a bit of time for students as they begin the college essay process.”

- Lu Anne Wood, Lu Anne Wood Consulting (North Carolina)


“College Essay Organizer has been ridiculously easy to use! It's organized and precise. My students love it.”

- Christine Hall, CMH College Consulting (North Carolina)


“I continue to tell IECA and NACAC members about College Essay Organizer; I'm really spreading the word! My students have enjoyed the ease of College Essay Organizer. To me, the biggest benefit is that many started work on their supplements sooner this year.”

- Ronna Morrison, Certified Educational Planner (New Jersey)


“Everything is well laid-out and easy to use. [When] I contacted College Essay Organizer, the response was very fast and very satisfactory. Well done.”

- Gordon Kirtland, American Education (Singapore)


“The students who are applying to many very selective colleges were especially appreciative of a way to keep track of all the supplemental essay requirements. I've also had very quick and helpful responses from your support team.”

- Ann Montgomery, CEP, Sage Education Group (Texas)


I like the initial list of colleges showing who has posted their current essays as well as the emails letting us know when new ones are posted…I like getting a consolidated list of all the essays for the selected colleges. I like the sample essays provided with the Essay Roadmap. I am very happy with the experience!”

- Teri Greenbaum, LA College Consulting (California)


"I have been using College Essay Organizer for the past 3 weeks and it is a definite time-saver! I used to spend hours researching the essay requirements for each school and then doing grids for each student so they could see which essays they could reuse for each school. This has made my job so much easier. The students love it because it makes the most difficult part of the application (the essays) manageable. They get so excited when they see they only have to write 5 essays for the 12 schools they're applying to."

- Courtney Watkins, Early Light Educational Consulting (Chapel Hill, NC)


“As you know, I love College Essay Organizer.”

- Shelley Levine, College Bound (Maryland)


All that and more. Thanks again to all our members, and please feel free to recommend our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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