Emotions Run High as College Admissions Season Nears its End

Can you keep things in perspective?

Brian Harke, Associate Dean of the University of Southern California, dishes out some common sense advice regarding the last phase of the college application process in this Huffington Post article. For all the nail-biting seniors waiting to see whether their colleges send them back thin or thick envelopes: don’t fret, life will go on. As he himself attests, not everyone gets into his or her first choice, and they end up doing just fine.

As we enter the end of this lengthy process, and notifications are sent out in the coming weeks, let’s (parents and students) keep things in perspective. For those who receive “rejection” letters, keep in mind that it is not personal, but rather an indication that perhaps another school will be a much better “fit.” And for those who do get accepted to their top choices, let’s be considerate of others and keep things in check.

So as we step into this important moment, the culmination of much sweat, dreams, and emotion, remember to exhale. Once the dust settles, the world will look very much the same.

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