Instructions For College Essay Organizer's New Alert System

College Essay Organizer has created a new alert system to allow students and counselors to communicate with each other directly. This system simplifies the collaboration process between student and counselor, and instantly tells each user when new drafts or notes are ready to be reviewed.

With this alert system, College Essay Organizer functions as a comprehensive tool for the entire college essay process. Here are the simple steps:

1. Next to each essay question, you will see this alert image:

2. If you want to alert your student/counselor that you have made changes to a particular essay, uploaded a new essay draft, or posted a new note, simply click on the alert image. It will then look like this:

3. Doing so will add an “alert” to your Alert Box, which is visible in the lower left of your screen. When all your changes have been made, you can email your alerts to your student/counselor by clicking, “Email My Alerts to Student” (if you are a counselor) or “Email My Alerts To Counselor” (if you are a student) in the Alert Box. Alerts will only be sent if and when you choose to send them.

4. Alert emails from your student/counselor will tell you to log into your account and address the questions listed in your Alert Box. Once a question’s alert has been addressed, simply click the red X in the Alert Box to remove that alert.

5. Counselors can always see which students have remaining alerts when they log into their master accounts via the new “alerts” column in the student grid.

Like we said … Simple!

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