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We hope this clarifies the benefits of College Essay Organizer. Contact us directly if you have questions of your own.

1. I’m not sure I can afford College Essay Organizer.

Based on feedback from our members, the value of College Essay Organizer far exceeds our current price point. With our web tool, consultants save several hours per student, which means much less work required for the same number of billable hours. During the busy application season, this means your efficiency in managing clients and setting up new ones skyrockets.

In fact, many consultants have found that if they share a sample College Essay Organizer report with potential clients, it often convinces them that they could not possibly manage this process on their own without enduring excessive stress and confusion. In this sense, College Essay Organizer helps you generate additional revenue.

College Essay Organizer also finds program-specific essays that aren't included in schools' applications or on the Common App—questions that tend to get discovered late in the game or overlooked altogether. Rather than spending hours seeking these out or losing credibility when clients recognize that you've failed to address their particular needs, you can have all essay questions delivered instantly. You’ll also discover a multitude of scholarship essays that can mean thousands of dollars in additional money for applicants.

Moreover, with our new feature that allows you and your clients to upload, edit, and track the status of essay drafts directly within the College Essay Organizer accounts, you won't have to email multiple drafts back and forth for multiple clients.

The alternative to using College Essay Organizer is researching all the questions on your own or assigning this task to your clients, which may lead to incomplete or inaccurate results, not to mention frustrated students and parents. It also means resorting to the cumbersome process of emailing drafts back and forth dozens of times. Typically after two clients, College Essay Organizer pays itself off in time saved while increasing the professionalism of your practice.

We offer various promotional discounts via our partner sites throughout the year and post new discount codes on our blog regularly, giving you many opportunities to make College Essay Organizer an even more valuable part of your business.

2. I'm not sure how to purchase College Essay Organizer for my clients.

There are three simple ways to purchase College Essay Organizer:

- Option 1: Purchase a Master Account here and absorb the cost as an operational expense. You can see the low-cost group rates on that page. You can then decide whether or not to share the accounts with your students or simply use College Essay Organizer on your end. The simple options will be explained once you create your account.

- Option 2: Purchase a Master Account here at the low group rate and bill the cost into your fee structure. For example, you can explain to clients that ordinarily you would bill 3 hours for this sort of research and management, but using College Essay Organizer will save you time and allow you to work smarter, and will save the clients money and allow them to work smarter too. If your clients created College Essay Organizer accounts on their own, the rate for an Essay RoadMap would be $49 per student. However, since you are only paying, say, $34 per student account at your independent consultant rate, you could bill the client $40, thus covering your expenses and then some. The alternative is to spread yourself too thin on time, forgo using an efficient management tool, and deprive your clients of the ability to access this cutting-edge technology that thousands of competitive applicants are using.

You can then decide whether or not to share the accounts with your students or simply use College Essay Organizer on your end. The simple options will be explained once you create your account.

- Option 3: Purchase accounts through CollegePlannerPro for $39.

3. I’m not sure whether to let my students access their accounts or to use College Essay Organizer simply as a resource on my end.

Your choice depends on how you run your practice and on each individual client.

You can choose to keep College Essay Organizer to yourself, referencing each client’s report on your own. You can essentially use College Essay Organizer like an accountant might use TurboTax, as a tool that optimizes your time and productivity.

You can experiment and share College Essay Organizer with a few of your stronger students. For example, you can go over the essay plan with a student together. If the student has a diversity essay that will work for multiple questions, you can brainstorm with the student what diversity means to her and help her craft that piece. You can then help her see how that finished essay can be used for various questions, with some modification if needed. And then you can move on to the next essay together. As the process unfolds, the student becomes more independent.

You can immediately share College Essay Organizer with all clients, making clear that this website will save them hours of time and ensure a much smoother, more successful writing experience. Many consultants recognize from the start that their students are naturals at using online technology. Teens intuitively understand College Essay Organizer just as well as a professional and appreciate having this tool at their disposal. They often feel empowered with College Essay Organizer’s clear, personalized plan and thus work more proactively on their essays. If you choose to share College Essay Organizer with all your clients, you can then of course use it as your one-stop website for the entire essay process. You'll also find that having clients access College Essay Organizer demonstrates the value of having a professional guide, for they see how time-consuming and complex the process is (“it’s not just a couple essays anymore!”). Most parents and students are not aware of College Essay Organizer on their own, so they’ll be glad you use this cutting-edge technology in your practice. Plus, College Essay Organizer hardly replaces your role; your greatest asset is helping students brainstorm the essay topics that work best for them and helping them bring out their most compelling voices.

4. I don’t have many clients.

Businesses only grow when owners have the time to focus on the big picture, instead of organizational or managerial details. Technology makes that possible. It’s like using Google instead of driving to the library. College Essay Organizer eliminates hours of tedious and frustrating work, elevating consulting practices to new levels of efficiency.

If you have only 5 clients, your total cost for College Essay Organizer accounts will be $195, minus any association discount or free accounts you are entitled to. If you are billing your clients $50 per hour, that is just over 3 hours of billing time (and if you bill a higher hourly rate, it could work out to less than one hour of billing time). For this low cost, you will save hours in tedious research and organizational confusion, work much more efficiently, free up your days to focus on growing your business and providing even better service, and ensure a level of accuracy and professionalism that is very hard to provide on your own.

Many consultants also find that sharing College Essay Organizer accounts with each client validates the client’s decision to hire the consultant. Too many parents still believe that the essay process entails only one or two personal statements. Seeing the multitude of essays, including scholarship opportunities, allows them to appreciate the complexity of the process and the importance of your expert guidance.

Good word of mouth starts with using the right tools and knowing how to make them work for you.

5. I can do this research and organizational work on my own.

In our experience as admissions advisors, we found that manually collecting and organizing the essay questions took about 2 hours for each applicant—more if the student was applying to specific programs or had hard-to-find essay requirements. As students added and dropped colleges, we were forced to re-conceptualize their essay plans and determine if their previous essay topics were still sufficient. It’s just too time consuming.

In the midst of a hectic fall, would you pay $200 to save yourself, say, 20 hours of work?

Independent consultants have stressed-out clients, who naturally make the job demanding. College Essay Organizer is designed to make your work simple and efficient, while cutting out redundant work, stress, and anxiety.

6. I worry that letting my clients know about College Essay Organizer will make them think they don't need my guidance.

College Essay Organizer is not a substitute for your expert insight and personal touch. It is an easy-to-use management tool that will allow you to optimize the time you spend with clients. Think of it as TurboTax or QuickBooks. Those programs hardly replace your accountant; instead, they prevent your accountant from wasting his time focusing on tedious details and frees up his time to address the more important issues. Independent consultants who share College Essay Organizer accounts with their clients often report nothing but positive feedback from both students and parents who find that they have a clearer sense of what's involved and better appreciate your support after seeing how time-consuming and complex the essay process can be.

7. The applications really aren't that hard to figure out on my own.

College Essay Organizer instantly finds all essay questions for any selected colleges and displays them in one place, saving you from the piles of paper, PDFs, and logins for non-Common App colleges. We also alert you as soon as applications are made available, saving you the time it takes to check and re-check colleges’ sites and supplements.

But even if you find the applications simple to navigate, consider the amount of legwork College Essay Organizer does for you. We're tracking down the questions that aren't included on the applications themselves, like the optional, departmental, program-specific, and scholarship questions. We also note application deadlines, including those for specific programs within colleges. That kind of work is time consuming for any practice, and we can tell you from experience, some colleges can take hours. Consider USC with a total of 36 questions!

8. The applications don’t change from year to year.

Some colleges keep their essay requirements static from year to year, but the majority changes them yearly, sometimes in small ways, but often to completely different prompts. Colleges have also recently been adding more and more questions. The problem is that you can't know which ones will change and which ones won't—so without an alternative, you’d have to check them all individually. College Essay Organizer provides up to date requirements as soon as they're available—all in one place, instantly.

College Essay Organizer also addresses each college's department-specific, program-specific, and special applicant questions, which can be much harder to find, and which many applicants don't even know to look for. College Essay Organizer also provides numerous scholarship essay questions.

As a member, you can register for our email notification system and be alerted as soon as the essay requirements for any college are updated for the coming season.

9. Some of the colleges my clients apply to don’t have (m)any essay questions.

Just because a college does not require any essays doesn’t mean you know that from the start. You still have to look, and even then it’s hard to be sure since colleges rarely post their program-specific, departmental, or scholarship questions on their applications or the supplements. For example, USC has 33 program-specific questions, many of which are not listed on the Common App. And you aren’t even told to look for those questions to begin with!

Most colleges changed their essay questions last year, or added new ones. You can check them all again manually, or let College Essay Organizer provide them for you instantly.

If you don’t think students have many essays to write, we encourage you to contact us for a free trial account. You’re in for a surprise.

10. My students are responsible for researching all their essay questions.

Leaving this to your students is a recipe for disaster. Inevitably they procrastinate and then fail to be accurate and/or thorough, overlooking many questions, especially the program-specific and hidden questions. We used to assign this task to students until we got tired of having parents complain that we were outsourcing responsibility that we were paying for, and making their children even more stressed and confused. If you want to be a professional, you cannot let your clients manage this time-consuming, frustrating task. Using College Essay Organizer is the difference between being a good consultant and an exceptional one.

11. I guide clients just through the Common App essays and let them manage their supplemental essays on their own.

Clients are paying you to be an effective guide. By helping with only one or two essays and leaving the rest to them, you run the risk of making your clients feel as if you didn’t help them at all, even if you did an excellent job on everything else. You also run the risk of creating a disparity between the essays you’ve advised them on and the rest of their writing, which can cause the application to feel inconsistent.

Using College Essay Organizer and showing the reports to your clients is a great way to either convince them to utilize your services for the entire essay process or provide them a clear plan for finishing up on their own.

New referrals come when your clients feel like you chaperoned them through the entire process and led them to their destinations smoothly and successfully, instead of leading them only halfway there.

12. I don’t guide my clients through the college essay process.

Leaving the essays entirely to your clients after helping them with other key aspects of the admissions process is a bit like guiding them deep into the Amazon jungle and letting them find their way out on their own. After all, the college essay process is typically the most time-consuming and stressful part of the application experience. By providing your clients with College Essay Organizer accounts or contacting us to ask for discounts on behalf of your students, your clients will feel like you gave them the necessary tool for completing the application process smoothly and successfully.

Even if you choose not to work with them on their writing, providing an easy, inexpensive tool for them to cut down on their workload will reflect well on your practice.

13. I don't bill my students for that kind of work.

If you're not billing your students for tracking and organization, then College Essay Organizer is especially right for you. Why spend hours on things you don't expect to be paid for? Our web tool instantly saves you the time it takes to search for, find, organize, and store the application questions, freeing up hours to grow your business and focus on high-end responsibilities.

14. How can I trust a third-party to ensure the level of accuracy that I expect?

Accountability is a challenge we are up to. We guarantee our work, and give you access to our staff by email and by phone. Ironically, it's the fact that we are a broad-service third-party company that makes our standards so high. We are being held accountable not by just a few clients but by thousands of users worldwide, not to mention some of the most elite and demanding high schools in the country.

15. Putting a brand on my work that isn’t my own doesn’t sound right to me.

You don’t have to share these accounts with your clients. Keep the database to yourself and utilize it as you see fit. Provide the information as printouts to your clients and use it only as a tool for managing the information on your end. Like a professional accountant using TurboTax, your use of College Essay Organizer assures your clients that they’re getting a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Plus, many consultants find that sharing College Essay Organizer with their clients validates their decision to hire a professional. It shows clients how overwhelming the essay process really is, and that you know how best to deal with it. This kind of competence and forward-thinking drives positive word of mouth.

16. I want just the Essay Questions, not the Essay RoadMap.

Independent consultants cannot purchase accounts that include only the page listing the essay questions. We have integrated the essay questions into the RoadMap so that College Essay Organizer is an even more robust, flexible service for consultants.

What that means is you can remove any questions that do not pertain to an applicant (eg, department-specific questions, scholarship questions, etc). Plus, now that we've added an essay-sharing platform to the RoadMap to make communication between you and your students even easier, College Essay Organizer has become a one-stop shop for the college essay writing process. We see the RoadMap as the core of that experience. The overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the RoadMap, as well as the upgrades that make the RoadMap even easier to interpret now, makes clear that this is the best approach for our users. Most skeptics, after using the RoadMap, realize that the Essay Questions page is simply the ingredients, whereas the RoadMap is the ingredients plus the crucial recipe.

17. I'm more interested in helping my students find scholarship money for college.

Our extensive database of scholarship essays is delivered along with your regular essay questions at no extra cost! This is especially helpful with large state schools. With so many programs and special departments, these universities provide a multitude of chances at scholarship money, but most students don’t know where to find it. These include merit-based, need-based, and demographic-based scholarships. Your clients will greatly appreciate that you pointed these out for them.

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