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College Essay Organizer is important to schools as well as students. Here are some frequently raised objections from school officials. Find your objection(s) below and see if our response(s) clarify things for you:

1. There are not that many essays to write.

This is the single greatest misconception. While some students may have only a few essays to write, many students have to address a vast number of essay questions, especially if they are applying to competitive or liberal arts colleges. Beyond that, there are program-specific and scholarship questions, most of which do not appear on the Common App supplements. Some students have to deal with more than 20 different essay questions.

2. Our students write great essays on their own.

Despite great resources for many aspects of the admissions experience, so much confusion, anxiety, and procrastination surrounds the college essay process for all. Much of students’ stress comes from not knowing what is involved upfront, and having to discover it painfully along the way under tight deadlines.

Having a clear plan that lays everything out from the beginning allows students to pace themselves and plan accordingly, so they can spend their energy writing great essays rather than trying to figure out how to manage the details.

3. Our juniors write a college essay before they even meet with us.

It’s great that they get started on their main personal statement before meeting with you, but this does not prepare them for the many additional essays their colleges will require. Supplemental, program-specific, department-specific, short-take, optional, and scholarship essays make up the majority of what students have to write, and most of these prompts are not posted on the Common App. Even if your students know to look for these essays, it takes hours to find and organize them, increasing frustration and stress—but often they don’t even know about such essays until too close to deadline.

Having spent 15 years with high-school students on a daily basis, I can assure you that so much of the student and parental anxiety stems from being unprepared for the college essay workload.

Why not have all of those questions and a personalized essay writing plan delivered instantly in one simple document?

4. We do a great job at reviewing each student’s essays.

Our goal is to empower you to continue this job with greater efficiency, by giving students a clear plan and freeing up your time to focus on more important issues, like helping students pick the right colleges and helping them brainstorm and edit their essays.

We now allow students to upload their essays to their College Essay Organizer accounts so school counselors can review, edit, and manage all essays smoothly and effectively through their master accounts. Keeping all your student essays in one place, with time-stamped updates, is so much cleaner than emailing drafts back and forth for multiple students with various essays and drafts.

5. Most of our students have private consultants or tutors anyway.

Many students seek outside help because they quickly see that there are more essays required of them than they ever anticipated. A simple web tool like College Essay Organizer can often replace the need for private consultants or tutors, while also cutting out the element of surprise and the confusion that comes along with discovering how much work they really have.

Plus, for those who still opt to pay for private guidance, College Essay Organizer will optimize the time they spend with their consultants/tutors, who would ordinarily bill for the time they spend manually doing what College Essay Organizer does instantly and inexpensively.

6. Our school cannot afford this.

Group rates for schools are as low as $5 per student. Considering the importance of the college essays and the potential return a successful college application represents, the value of College Essay Organizer is exceptional.

In some cases, parents associations have paid for group discount rates, leaving school obligations at zero.

In other situations, schools promote discounted rates that they secure for their students.

7. Students can do this organization on their own.

The reality is most students do not take the time to organize their essay questions on their own, and as a result struggle through the process without clear direction. We would not ask students to go to the library each time they have to look something up when they can use Google, or look up each college admissions' data by calling the college directly. It's no different for researching all the essay questions. Performing this time-consuming, confusing research on their own doesn't build character; it breeds frustration and procrastination.

Plus, students who decide to write their essays one application at a time inevitably end up doing more work and taking more time than they need to, since they do not plan in advance—it's like running a marathon without knowing beforehand how long the race will be. You need to know the course and pace yourself. College Essay Organizer lays out the path simply and clearly from the start, showing how to make it much more manageable than it may seem at first.

8. We want students to write unique essays for each college question.

If you've ever worked with a student applying to college during crunch time, you'll know that time is of the essence. That's why tools like Naviance and the Common App are so valuable. College Essay Organizer is simply the logical extension of these tools. Students naturally recognize that some essays can be used for multiple questions, and most colleges recognize this, too. The essays can (and should, as we recommend on our site) be modified as needed, so they answer the colleges' specific questions directly.

College Essay Organizer delivers a suggested plan for optimizing one's time during a hectic period. But when you're dealing with 8 or more different colleges and possibly 20 or more different questions, there is naturally going to be a good deal of thematic overlap. Our web tool simply automates what students have always done manually, doing work instantly that takes students hours.

9. Is College Essay Organizer an ethical tool?

College Essay Organizer is absolutely the ethical solution to the college essay challenge. A recent iParadigm report indicates the high prevalence of plagiarism among college applicants, and was supported by a Public Agenda study indicating that school counselors are so overwhelmed that they don’t have time to properly focus on each student’s essays. Some students have others write their essays or get unfair assistance because they do not have the time or the one-on-one support to do quality work, thus resorting to the short cuts we all frown upon. College Essay Organizer saves hours of time and provides great clarity. Procrastination is eliminated and the focus can shift from figuring out how to get started to actually writing great essays.

10. How can I place a value on College Essay Organizer?

Consider these key benefits. College Essay Organizer:

  • Saves each student more than 3 hours with an instant, well-organized essay writing strategy.
  • Helps students reduce their workloads by as much as 75%, resulting in higher quality writing and less anxiety.
  • Makes student meetings with counselors more strategic by allowing discussions to focus on writing rather than organization.
  • Allows counselors to manage all student essays in one platform, avoiding the need to email multiple drafts back and forth for all their students.
  • Saves your school money by optimizing the counselor’s time and increasing efficiency.
  • Cuts down on calls and emails from concerned parents by delivering a clear essay plan from the beginning that parent, student, and counselor all agree on.

If you use any management tool for managing the application process, such as Naviance, know that only College Essay Organizer addresses the college essays, the most time-consuming and challenging part of the application experience.

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