Shedding Light on Oversharing

This label will not help you get in.

This label will not help you get in.

Students now grow up revealing personal details on social media sites, often becoming desensitized to the impact of the information posted. Fast forward to the college application process where students are pressured into finding a way to stand out among thousands of other applicants.

The result is the temptation for students to overshare intimate details of their lives in the attempt to grab the attention of admissions officers. While taking a risk can often set a student apart, the type of information shared must be carefully considered. Definitely get feedback from others before going down this path to make sure that you are leaving a positive impact on your reader. This recent article in the New York Times expertly illustrates the pitfalls of oversharing. Here's a story shared by one of Yale's former admissions officers about a girl who sabotaged her application by giving too much information:

"The Yale applicant had terrific test scores. She had fantastic grades...Then he got to her essay. As he remembers it, she mentioned a French teacher she greatly admired. She described their one-on-one conversation at the end of a school day. And then, this detail: During their talk, when an urge to go to the bathroom could no longer be denied, she decided not to interrupt the teacher or exit the room. She simply urinated on herself."

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