2012 College Admission Yields and Wait-List Offers Released

For those seniors wondering what their chances are of getting a wait-list offer to their dream school, this entry posted by The New York Times Choice Blog may give some insight. While the numbers are far from perfect, it may give an early indication of how many students will still be needed to fill up the class of 2016. Here are a few highlights:

Harvard’s yield has increased, again, to nearly 81 percent. This news parallels with its increased selectivity: Harvard accepted only 5.9 percent of its more than 34,000 applicants this year, making it slightly more selective than the 6.2 percent of applicants who were offered admission into the Class of 2015. Harvard anticipates that it will admit only 25 students from its waiting list.

Stanford (Calif.): With a yield of nearly 73.6 percent, this selective university has a yield that rivals the Ivy League. Unlike in years’ past, Stanford has no plans to admit any students from its wait list.

University of Chicago: Yield of 46.8 percent, a significant increase from 39.9 percent last year. The university is also admitting a record proportion of Latino and African-American students; 42 percent of the incoming class are students of color.




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