Writing Commitment Letters to Colleges And Universities

Commitment. It's a big thing.

This time of year is stressful for high school seniors for many reasons, not least of which is the early decision or early action notification. Though your chances of attending your top choice are higher if you apply early, acceptance is never a sure thing.

If you've been deferred by your early decision option, or you made a late decision on which college you really want to attend, there are ways to channel that anxious energy into something tangible that can actually increase your chances of getting in.

Experts suggest that writing a Commitment Letter will not only help reduce your stress but might also be just what the college needs to tip the balance in your favor.

When the regular decision process unwinds, college admissions officers will be at their desks struggling to determine how many students will accept their offers. After all, they don't want to accept students that are not likely to actually attend. A commitment letter lets the college know that you are passionate about enrolling, and that if admitted, you would definitely accept the offer.

This love letter should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the school and include important updates on your academic and extracurricular life. There's no need to repeat what you've already told them - this should be new info, along with the heartfelt expression of hope that you'll be accepted. Don’t you want your favorite school to know that you’re still working hard on your AP courses, and have now become president of the chess team, or whatever else you might be up to these days - and that all the while you’re dreaming of the day when you can pack up your things, leave home, and finally be on their campus?

Consider this to be one last college essay, just make sure not to be unfaithful. Committing to a school and not attending can reflect negatively on your high school, affecting future students’ chances. Also, colleges sometimes share notes on applicants, and if they realize that they have all gotten the same commitment letter, it might hurt you. No one wants a player.

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College Essay Organizer Over 99% Updated for 2011/2012 Application Season

College Essay OrganizerOur final stragglers are posting their applications for the new season, and College Essay Organizer is now more than 99% updated for the new year! Only a handful of international schools remain, along with two American schools that are scheduled to post next week.

Many schools update their primary applications before their scholarship requirements, so we'll continue to revisit scholarship requirements through the year. Take note of schools that have special messages below their names in your QuickFinders about the status of their scholarship requirements.

And as always, if you have any notes about the contents of the College Essay Organizer database, let us know! We are always on the lookout for new departments, programs, and scholarships that weren't available last year.

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