One Dad’s Journey through the College Application Process

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Articles about the college application process inevitably elicit a visceral reaction from anyone who has high school aged children. As this NY Times article describes, Crazy U, written by Andrew Ferguson, is a recent dad’s journey navigating the convoluted path from high school student to college attendee.

Ferguson covers every aspect of the adventure, not the least of which is the college essay process which he calls “a relatively new idea, and very baby boomerish.” He asks, “Who are they to force a catharsis on 17-year-olds?” His insightful probing cuts to the central issues in writing essays, which many consider the piece that distinguishes an applicant from his or her peers. What exactly do colleges want? Is the more personal essay always the better one? And what about more modest teens unwilling to express their darkest secrets? Ferguson writes, “Once the larger culture considered reticence a virtue. Now it’s a cause for suspicion or evidence of derangement.”

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