2013 Acceptance Rates Reported

Just when you think acceptance rates can't get any lower...

Now that college decisions are out, acceptance rates are trickling in, offering a realistic view of the admissions process. While many seniors experienced disappointments, it is easy to see that they are far from alone. Juniors who may already be experiencing some fear of what's to come can benefit from a larger view of the process as well. And it's important to keep in mind that, ultimately, the majority of students find a college that feels just right for them, even if it's not where they expected to end up.

Here are a few examples of top schools' acceptance rates that continue to go down each year:

  • Columbia University had 33,531 applicants and accepted 2,311 applicants
  • Brown University had 28,919 applicants and accepted 2,649 applicants
  • Johns Hopkins had 20,614 applicants and accepted 3,465 applicants
  • UNC at Chapel Hill had 30,815 applicants and accepted 7,806 applicants

For a complete list of available acceptance rates, click here.


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