Fall SAT Scores Are Released

Always good to check in with yourself now and then.

Always good to check in with yourself now and then!

As students continue to plug away at their early admissions applications, all the while trying to determine whether or not they will be accepted to their top-choice schools, one important piece of the puzzle has come in. SAT scores were released yesterday, bringing with them a flood of emotions. . . .Whether you feel satisfied or disappointed, take a moment to appreciate yourself for all the effort you have put into the process thus far. And remember amidst all the pressures, hopes, and dreams, that ultimately you will end up at the right place for you, and your four years of college will give you back as much as you put into them. There are over 2,000 colleges across the United States, and while they don't all make the news with the same frequency, there are outstanding human beings that emerge from all of them and live on to accomplish amazing things. That could be you, no matter what college you end up attending!

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SAT Postponed Due to Hurricane Sandy

Seniors signed up to take the SAT this weekend can be relatively sure that it will be cancelled if they are in a region affected by Hurricane Sandy. The following note is posted on the College Board's website:

"In the event that we are unable to contact a test center, students and parents should assume that if the school is closed on Friday, November 2 for reasons related to Hurricane Sandy, it will not be administering the SAT this weekend. Students can also contact SAT customer service at 866-756-7346 to check on the status of their test center."

Students for whom the SAT is postponed will be emailed a makeup date free of charge as soon as possible. Please check the College Board website for further details and a list of school closings.


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College Board Annual Conference Commences in New York City

The College Board, an organization familiar to students due to its role in overseeing the SAT and Advanced Placement program, commenced its annual conference today in New York City. The three day conference assembling college counselors and educators from across the country will discuss topics related to the admissions process and the future of education, including financial aid, campus safety and more. Special events include an address by University of Chicago’s president and a panel discussion on education and the 2012 election including some possible Republican candidates.

The New York Times Choice will be attending the conference, and passing on information pertinent to its readers. Be sure to check here for updates.

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CEO Updates College Application Deadlines

In the process of updating the requirements for the new application season, we at CEO have found an enormous number of discrepancies between publicly available information regarding school application deadlines, and what is listed on the schools' own sites. To make matters more confusing, most third-party sites, and even many of the schools' own admissions pages, leave out important dates for special programs and departmental applications. So in our continuing effort to be as accurate and thorough as possible, we are updating deadline information as these applications become available, resolving any discrepancies we may find. Rest assured that we are double- and triple-checking our work, to make sure that the information we present is as perfect as can be.

With so many different sources for this information, such as the Common App, College Board, and NCES, CEO is your trusted source, doing all the investigative work that would take one person days.

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