Interview with Dan Stern on College Admissions Toolbox

As students brace themselves for the mad scramble of the college admissions season, it's always helpful to have all the craziness put into perspective by a true expert in the field. Tune into this interview with Founder and President of College Essay Organizer Dan Stern on which brings sanity to the college admissions process and more importantly, to the college essay which brings the most anxiety to the application process. As Dan says, "Make it fun! You're applying to college, not prison!"

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College Essay Organizer Discussed on Fox News

fox_news_logo_a_lSince the College Board announced that it's revamping the SAT in 2016, there have been questions about what the most important factors are in the college admissions process. Scott Farber, co-founder of College Essay Organizer, recently addressed this stating that colleges place equal weight on standardized test scores and grades, with essays following closely behind.

Don't miss this Fox News interview where Farber also mentions College Essay Organizer, created to give students the edge on their essays and enhance students' ability to tell their story in their own unique way. The stories that students write continue to increase in importance and are most often the deciding factor between two students with similar grades and test scores.



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Sylvan Learning Partners with College Essay Leader to Help Students Gain Admission to Their Top-Choice Colleges

September 18, 2013 — Sylvan Learning announced today that it has partnered with College Essay Organizer, a rapidly growing Web-based company focused on helping students gain admission to their top college choices.

 With over 30 years of expertise and more than 800 locations across North America, Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of personal learning for students of all ages, grades, and skill levels. “We are expanding our college preparation services to help families navigate the complex college application process,” says Jeffrey Cohen, Sylvan’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with College Essay Organizer will enable students to write stronger essays and submit more compelling college applications. Our students are going to love how easy it is, and their parents are going to love the results.”

College Essay Organizer remains the only technology of its kind in today’s booming college prep market. Dan Stern, Founder and President, developed College Essay Organizer five years ago, in partnership with A-List Education,to streamline the college essay process. The Website, an outgrowth of Stern’s Manhattan-based tutoring and college prep company, Metro Academic Prep, instantly provides students with all of their essay questions for their selected colleges, including many essays for programs and scholarships not found on the applications or the Common App. The issue of students overlooking such essays and submitting incomplete applications has become a significant problem in recent years. College Essay Organizer exists to ensure that applicants avoid this misstep, and to show how essay questions across different schools share overlapping themes so students can write fewer essays but maintain high quality.

The goal,” Stern says, “is to help students work smarter. If an applicant is considering just six colleges, which is low in today’s competitive climate, she may be shocked to discover there are twenty or more essays to write, and it can be overwhelming to know how to begin. If the applicant can see how to write four essays that work for all twenty questions, she’ll produce better-quality writing and get it done faster.”

In addition to offering this automated essay tool, College Essay Organizer and Sylvan will also feature the new Expert Access webcast series, which allows students to listen to and interact with the nation’s leading authorities on a range of college admissions topics. “As a parent of two high school students, I have a first-hand view of the challenges involved with the college application process,” says Sylvan’s Cohen, “and these innovative college application services will help more students get accepted to their first-choice colleges — without having to spend a small fortune to make it happen.”

 About Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of tutoring to students of all ages, grades and skill levels with more than 30 years of experience and more than 800 centers located throughout North America. Sylvan's trained and Sylvan-certified personal instructors provide individualized instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test-prep for college entrance and state exams.

Charles Hadlow, EVP Corporate Development
[email protected]

About College Essay Organizer

College Essay Organizer has been used by tens of thousands of students, hundreds of independent consultants, and leading high schools throughout the world. It is partners with the Independent Educational Consultants Association and Higher Education Consultants Association. Its technology is based on the work of Metro Academic Prep, a Manhattan-based tutoring and college prep company that has supported thousands of students from New York to South Korea.

Dan Stern, Founder & President
[email protected]

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Check Out This Classic Tale

See if you remember this classic tale that illuminates the power of working smarter ... and, if nothing else, will make you smile.

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Live Webcast Tomorrow - 'College Essay Secrets No One Else Will Tell You'

Overwhelmed by where to start writing your essays? Struggling to find the right topics? Not sure what the difference is between a great essay and a great admissions essay, let alone a phenomenal one?

Dan Stern, founder of College Essay Organizer, will give you insider tips on how to write sensational admissions essays that get you accepted to your top-choice colleges. He'll also tell you about the most common essay blunder that ruins applications.

If you attend, you could win FREE 1-on-1 feedback on your essays.

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 13 @ 7:00 pm EDT

Log into your account and join Expert Access now - then register on your Expert Access page where you can also watch previous webcasts!


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A Great Source of College Admissions Information Being Discontinued

The New York Times Choice Blog, a go-to source for college admissions news and information, is being discontinued after four years of helping students and parents navigate through the college essay process. While we are definitely sad to see it go, we will continue to share in its mission to make the college application process less stressful, more entertaining (maybe even fun on occasion--check out these videos) and successful. We will also be rolling out an extensive new webinar series in July, featuring experts covering such topics as getting financial aid, completing the applications, writing winning essays, and many more.

Summer is our busiest season at College Essay Organizer as we eagerly await the release of new essay questions, and we share in your excitement as each college is updated for the 2013-2014 application season. We also add new information daily, updating you as schools release their applications, sharing admissions-related news and answering your questions about the college admissions process. If you have any requests for new blog topics, please email us at [email protected] now as we begin to plan ahead for the coming months.


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College Essay Organizer's Protocol with Respect to the Common App (CA4)


With the significant changes to the Common App (CA4), we have received many inquiries regarding how College Essay Organizer will operate this year. After much research via the Common App and the colleges directly, we're glad to tell you that we'll be as proactive for you as ever this season -- and even more valuable! Below are three key points we wanted to highlight:
  • We won't wait until August 1. We will continue to update essay questions before the August 1 launch of the Common App. Last year, through our special protocol, we updated 286 schools (many of them Common App schools) prior to August 1 and we expect to be just as aggressive this season.
  • We'll give you all the essay questions for different programs and departments in one easy place. As we understand it, the Common App supplement will require students to select their majors/interests in order to first view those essay questions. This would make it incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome for you to locate questions on your own for all of your students with all their different majors/interests, so you can instead rely on us to do it for you. We will list all of these particular essay questions under each college; you can then simply remove any questions that are not relevant to a given student (or the student can do so on his or her own). Several of you have noted your skepticism regarding whether the Common App will indeed have all of the program- and major-specific essay questions; after all, a few colleges last season claimed to have all such questions listed on their supplements but were in fact missing several questions. College Essay Organizer had each and every one.
  • We've got all the scholarship essay questions the Common App doesn't. As usual the Common App will not list the hundreds of scholarship essay questions for the colleges -- no change there. So, as always, we'll have them for you. College Essay Organizer had more than 1,000 scholarship essay questions last season, and that number will continue to grow.


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Contest for the Best First Line of a College Essay

We'll let you know if your essay is off to a good start.

Take a moment and submit the best first line of a college essay by Friday, November 30, 2012 (must be  your own original creation, and one submission per person) to win a FREE premium account (valued at $49). Even if you applied early, it's sure to come in handy as you work on your other college applications. Here are a few examples of past winners of our exclusive contest:

  • Peanut butter and celery is by far the oddest snack time pairing, but the benefits exceed the oddities.
  • I change my name each time I place an order at Starbucks
  • Three days before my 11th birthday, my mother had brain surgery.
  • Wearing a Dole pineapple shirt to a Del Monte pineapple farm is probably not a good first impression.

 Follow us on twitter to submit your entry or email us at [email protected] Good luck!

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Best Practices Webinar for IECs Using College Essay Organizer

It's almost the November deadline for early applications, which means it's time to start turning to all those other apps and essays so that if any client doesn't get accepted in December, you can mobilize quickly.

Many consultants find that College Essay Organizer is most valuable when they're managing multiple colleges with multiple essays. So attend Tuesday's webinar in order to:

  • Discover advanced tips on using all features (eg, uploading drafts, sending notes, and using the alert system)
  • Learn how to best interpret each student's RoadMap
  • Get answers to all your specific questions, no matter how big or small

This one-hour webinar is Tuesday, October 23, at 1 pm EST.

                           Click here to register now - space is limited

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Get your own questions answered by the expert - FREE Webinar

We know students have lots of questions about their college essays. Now is the chance to get your own questions answered and discover how to write truly compelling essays that get you accepted to your top-choice schools.  

This one-hour webinar with the founder of College Essay Organizer will be an open forum, so prepare all your questions in advance. For example, are you curious if the essay topic you chose is a great one? Struggling to figure out how to answer a particular question? Wondering if and how to use the Common App Additional Information space?

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 9, at 9pm EST. Click this link to reserve your spot (space is limited, so register now): 

One lucky participant will be selected to receive personalized feedback on his/her essay. 

If you work for a school or educational organization, feel free to attend our webinar and/or forward this invitation to seniors and their parents.

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