Common App Issues Continue to Plague Students and Colleges Alike

According to this recent New York Times article, the Common App's continued difficulties are not only increasing the stress of students during the application process, but are also causing colleges grief by delaying access to submitted forms and applications. Jason Locke, associate vice provost for enrollment at Cornell University, complained, "It's [the application process] been a nightmare. I've been a supporter of the Common App, but in this case, they've really fallen down."

With early deadlines approaching and some already past, colleges are falling way behind schedule, unable to begin accessing thousands of waiting applications. Further, colleges are considering extending application deadlines along with their response times due to the numerous errors. Here are some issues to watch out for:

  • When pasting in your main essay or supplemental ones, be on the lookout (and leave lots of extra time) for numerous formatting issues.
  • Essay questions have been added to the Common App after applications were initially released, so make sure to check back before the due date to ensure that you have all the required, optional, program-specific, and scholarship questions that apply to you. We can't tell you how many members have thanked us at College Essay Organizer for alerting them to questions that they would have otherwise missed.
  • Preview and print functions have shown blank pages rather than displaying. Switching to a different browser may rectify this situation.
  • When paying the application fee, the mandatory signature page has been problematic, sometimes not showing up, causing students to think the application has been submitted when it has not.
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