Don't Miss Out on Applying Early to George Washington

gw_txt_4cp_pos_0Most students have already caught on that applying early decision gives you an added edge in the admissions process. If you can narrow down your college list to one dream school, don't miss your chance! Over the years, the Common App has revolutionized the college application process, making it easier for students to apply to multiple schools resulting in confusion as to which students will accept offers if admitted.

For more information on how this has affected George Washington's admissions process, don't miss this article. In short, GW had a significant drop in early admission applicants in 2014 receiving 1,089 applications, nearly half of what the University brought in in previous years. As a result, the University admitted 65 percent of those applicants, 21 percent more than the overall admission rate that year. So if you feel like GW is a good fit for you, applying early decision can only help!

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