College Essay Organizer Featured in the New York Times and Bergen Record

College Essay Organizer in the News: New York Times Education Section

Daniel Stern, President of College Essay Organizer

College Essay Organizer founder Daniel Stern is quoted in this New York Times article on plagiarism. One of the special benefits of College Essay Organizer's service is that it cuts down on plagiarism. And maybe better yet for the more ethical, time-strapped teens we help, it cuts down on that nagging urge to plagiarize.

It’s an ethical issue many applicants wrestle with. But with College Essay Organizer, which saves hours of time by showing how your various essay questions overlap in theme, you will discover how to make the most of your time without cutting corners.This way you can focus not just on getting organized but rather on writing creative stories that reveal your best you. You can even apply to more colleges without unnecessarily taking on additional work.

Our goal has always been to optimize your performance and minimize the confusion and anxiety - and all on your own honest terms.

The Bergen Record Features College Essay Organizer's President Daniel Stern

College Essay Organizer's President, Dan Stern, was featured in the Bergen Record (in New Jersey) talking about the college essay process and the many misconceptions students and counselors have about it.

Dan spoke about the surprising number of essays students face after they’ve completed their required Common App essays – namely the many supplemental, department-specific, and scholarship questions that pop up for any student applying to multiple colleges.

On top of that, he spoke about the importance of understanding the essay questions. When a college asks you why you’re interested, remember that it’s not advisable to just regurgitate the college's own brochure. They know you want to be there – that’s why you’re applying. What they really want to learn about is you and what you’re going to bring to the campus.

Above all, Dan talked about what we’re all about here at College Essay Organizer – simplifying the essay and application process in easy and inexpensive ways so that you can focus your time on your best writing without all the confusion and anxiety.

Make sure that you know ahead of time how many essays your colleges require so you don’t have any rude surprises in the fall. Getting out ahead of things now will make the rest of the way smooth sailing for sure.

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