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The Common App glitches last year created an incredibly stressful, confusing time for many. Fortunately, our proactive, meticulous approach ensured a successful college essay experience for hundreds of consultants and we're eager to take that to a new level this season. Most IECs have already started with College Essay Organizer for this year, so don't wait -- get started now:

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The Common App & College Essay Organizer

Here's a snapshot of how we do things that no other site, including the Common App, does. A few highlights are listed below:

1 - We won't wait until August 1. We will continue to update essay questions before Aug 1 and notify you of these updates instantly. Last year, through our special protocol, we updated more than 300 schools prior to Aug 1 and we expect to be just as aggressive and ensure 100% accuracy once again this season.

2 - We'll give you all the essay questions for different programs and departments in one easy place. The Common App promised last year to provide all program-specific questions via each Writing Supplement. They weren't even close! Not only did they have hidden or "stealth" essay questions that made things incredibly confusing and cumbersome, but they also failed to provide hundreds of essay questions required for applicants to particular programs and departments. We will provide them all in one place -- instantly. No one else can boast this!

3 - We've got all the scholarship essay questions the Common App doesn't. The Common App has never listed scholarship essay questions for the colleges and has no plans to do so now. But, as always, we'll have them for you. College Essay Organizer had more than 1,000 scholarship essay questions last season, and that number will continue to grow.

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College Essay Organizer's New Alert System Is Live

College Essay Organizer has created a new alert system to allow students and counselors to communicate with each other directly. This system simplifies the collaboration process between student and counselor, and instantly tells each user when new essay drafts or notes are ready to be reviewed.

With this easy-to-use alert system, College Essay Organizer functions as a comprehensive tool for the entire college essay process. Members are already telling us how much easier this makes everything. And that's what we're all about: making applying to college simple, stress-free and successful. Now go enjoy your last weekend of July before the Common App goes live on Monday!

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Independent Counselors Improve Global Reach With College Essay Organizer

This article in the New York Times' Education section describes a small school in upstate New York that decided to change its fate by attracting students from all over the world to learn, and, in turn, help the local economy. As the article admits, the idea sounds preposterous for a school of its size - the population of the town at the time had dropped below 500 - but the superintendent of Newcomb, NY, decided that the plan was worth a shot, and enrollment has since shot up. They expect to have over 100 students next year alone, and since beginning their efforts, they have brought in students from 19 different countries. This has had the dual benefit of improving the educational environment for the students and improving the local economy.

The key to the school's success was its global outreach and its ability to provide opportunities to foreign students that weren't available in those students' homelands. At College Essay Organizer, we have seen independent counselors increase the scope of their businesses dramatically through the use of technologies that enable a quick and simple global outreach.

Because of new communication tools such as Skype and iChat, counselors are able to transcend the local responsibilities they've had for years and provide consulting and advising services to clients the world over. As a single-stop essay editing and advising platform, College Essay Organizer can be ideal for essay development between advisor and client across state lines, time zones, even entire oceans!

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Answering More Questions From Independent Consultants

This week we're featuring answers to fifteen frequently asked questions from Independent Counselors and other academic consultants about College Essay Organizer. Here's the next bunch, and if you have more questions, please let us know.

7. I found that I did not use the RoadMap as much as I could have. Do you have any suggestions to help me make better use of it?

The RoadMap provides a suggested plan for organizing your essay questions and shows the overlapping themes among your essays. But one of its best features is that it provides as many topic options as possible for each essay that the student needs to write. Take advantage of this flexibility! It is ultimately up to the independent consultant and the student to relate the student's life to the broad themes addressed by the essay questions. But choose your topics carefully and specifically. It will make the writing process quicker and simpler, and increase the quality of the essays.

We are always improving the RoadMap's functionality and ease of use. We have greatly simplified the layout of the RoadMap, and have added note-taking and essay uploading features to make CEO your one-stop source for guiding students through the essay writing process.

If you would like to go over these upgrades individually, or find out how to optimize your clients' experience using CEO, please let us know and we'll arrange a private demo with Dan Stern, our president. We're confident you'll find that the new and improved CEO will guide students more clearly and successfully.

8. Will you be adding any additional tutorials for independent consultants?

We will be including additional resources to help new users this coming season, including live webinars that explain how to best use CEO and that cover various essay topics. We will also include materials you can share with clients that allow them to optimize their CEO experience. Though these additions aren't required to use CEO or understand its benefits, they can help improve the experience for all.

9. Is it possible to buy only the QuickFinder for my clients?

We do not currently offer QuickFinder-only accounts through the Master Account platform.

10. Why not?

We have developed the RoadMap around the QuickFinder format, allowing the RoadMap to function as a flexible, modifiable QuickFinder. Now that we've added an essay-sharing platform to make communication between you and your students even easier, CEO has become a one-stop shop for the college essay writing process. We see the RoadMap as the core of that experience. The overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the RoadMap, as well as the upgrades that make the RoadMap even easier to interpret now, makes clear that this is the best approach for our users.

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We Answer Questions From Independent Consultants

This week we'll be featuring answers to fifteen frequently asked questions from Independent Counselors and other academic consultants about College Essay Organizer. Here's the first bunch, and if you have more questions, please let us know.

1. Is College Essay Organizer appropriate for all students?

CEO is a time-saving tool regardless of where a student is applying. It instantly delivers all of the questions for any student's selected schools -- and for students applying to schools with few or no essay questions, CEO helps them confidently know that a certain college does not have any essay questions, as sometimes it takes hours of looking to determine this.

Moreover, many colleges that don't have required supplemental essay questions for traditional applicants do have required questions for students applying to specific programs or departments. Most students are not aware of this, find out too late, and end up rushing to write mediocre essays in order to make their deadlines.

Finally, an increasing number of universities, especially state schools, offer a multitude of scholarship essay questions that appeal to all demographics, even those who do not require financial aid. CEO now features hundreds of such questions, and the list is growing.

2. Can you help me place a value on College Essay Organizer?

Based on our research, the value of CEO far exceeds our current price point. With CEO, consultants save several hours per student, which means much less work required for the same number of billable hours. During the busy application season, this means your efficiency in setting up new clients skyrockets.

In fact, many consultants have found that if they share a sample CEO report with potential clients, it often convinces clients that they could not possibly manage this process on their own without enduring excessive stress and confusion.

CEO also finds program-specific essays that aren't included in schools' applications or on the Common App -- these questions tend to get overlooked or are discovered late in the game. Rather than spending hours seeking these out or losing your credibility when clients recognize that you've failed to address them, you can have them all delivered instantly through CEO.

CEO also provides a multitude of scholarship essays that can mean thousands of dollars in additional money for applicants.

With our new feature that allows you and your clients to upload and edit essay drafts within the CEO platform, you won't have to email multiple drafts back and forth for multiple students.

The alternative to using CEO is researching all the questions on your own or assigning this task to your clients, which may lead to incomplete and inaccurate results, not to mention frustrated students and parents. It also means resorting to the cumbersome process of emailing drafts back and forth dozens, even hundreds of times.

We offer various promotional discounts via our partner sites throughout the year and post new discount codes on our blog regularly, giving you many opportunities to make CEO an even more valuable part of your business.

3. What new features have been added to College Essay Organizer?

Our recent upgrades include making the RoadMap so much easier to interpret, adding note-taking and essay uploading features, and providing a checkbox that allows you to know whether or not an essay has been completed. We have also enhanced site speed overall.

We will also be holding weekly webinars for members, covering various essay topics, guidance on how to make the most of CEO accounts, and Q&A for answers to specific questions.

Finally, all independent consultants who are CEO members will be able to guest blog on our heavily trafficked site, expanding their reach to potential new clients.

If there is ever anything that you would like to see added to CEO, please let us know. Your feedback drives us to be better!

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IECA Highlights CEO in Its Current Newsletter

College Essay Organizer ("CEO") is excited to be highlighted in this Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) newsletter. More than 150 IECA members have signed on with CEO in our first season, and we look forward to more members taking advantage of CEO’s valuable tool that instantly streamlines the college essay process.

The IECA has been a leading force in promoting innovative tools that improve the efficiency of consulting practices. Thanks to the feedback of our independent consultant members, CEO will be incorporating the following new features this season:

  • Student accounts will increase from 15 to 20 college selections.
  • The Essay RoadMap will be even easier to interpret, with an alternate viewing format and the ability to hide essay questions not relevant to an applicant.
  • Independent consultants will have the ability to upload essay drafts and share notes with their clients within the CEO platform; no need to email back and forth anymore.
  • Marketing potential will be optimized: you can co-brand your CEO accounts with your company logo
  • IECA members can become guest bloggers, promoting their services on CEO’s heavily trafficked site and sharing important tips and stories about their experiences working with students’ essays.
  • IECA will orchestrate FREE instructional webinars for introductory and training purposes for IECA members and their clients.
  • CEO will have a separate area that allows visitors to our site to connect with IECA members in their area.
  • Exclusive IECA discounts will be shared directly by IECA headquarters in the coming weeks.

To join IECA and learn about their great services, click here.