International Universities on College Essay Organizer

McGill UniversityIn recent years, we here at College Essay Organizer have developed our pool of international universities around our user base and the specific groups of schools our applicants have sought out. A number of them are quite popular - McGill University in Canada especially - though many of them are more targeted. We look forward to developing our international user base in the coming application seasons, not just for Americans looking to apply outside of their country, but for people outside America looking to come here.

College Essay Organizer is a great tool for counselors from countries in Europe and Asia who traditionally send a significant portion of their applicants to America. The database here can help make a confusing and overwhelming process much more efficient and direct, and the research staff at CEO digs up as many requirements as possible in places others don't necessarily know to look. It's a time-consuming job but worth doing, as it saves our thousands of users countless hours, the world over.

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