Great Feedback For College Essay Organizer on Mobile Devices

College Essay OrganizerA College Essay Organizer user from last year recently wrote in to point out the usefulness of CEO, not only in its traditional form, but also on iPhones and iPads. College Essay Organizer's easy-to-use tools can be accessed on all kinds of formats, which can be especially helpful for students working on their applications while on summer vacation:

The QuickFinder was extremely helpful for the non-Common App schools which had "segmented" applications (i.e. "finish part one and THEN you get to see the essays.") Also, your website is more easily accessible on the mobile web browser on my iPhone than This was a life saver when the power went out at my house upstate, and the only internet-capable device within reach was my phone.

So stick with College Essay Organizer through the summer months! We'll keep on updating while you keep things simple.

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CollegeApp From Avery Educational Resources

CollegeApp, a new app available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Independent Consultant and CEO user Erin Avery has developed a new application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad called CollegeApp.  CollegeApp uses a colorful and fun interface to help students find the universities that fit them best, allowing them to choose from among 600 of the most selective colleges in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

From Erin:

"My biggest leap into the current trends in social media and technology is the creation of CollegeApp, which by now, you may know, if the college search application I developed for iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad. It was an astounding process to conceive of an idea, and through the utilization of current technology, have it spring to life as a useful interactive tool for students, parents and counselors alike!"

With CollegeApp, users build a version of their ideal college characteristics using an avatar with rotating body parts that correspond to attributes such as size, location, cost, Greek life and selectivity. After the selections have been made, a list of colleges appears that match these chosen characteristics. The results page includes the most updated specifics self-reported by each college so that the information is accurate, current and pertinent.  A map even appears to show location with a direct link to each college's website.

The application also offers a search feature geared toward guidance counselors, educational consultants, and parents alike.  In a moment, users can isolate every college with Greek life, or every college located in a small town or city, or every college in a hot climate, or any number of combinations of the above.

Oh. And it's free. Click here to learn more!

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