Students Have More Options When Applying to College Next Year

Having more options is a good thing as long as you plan ahead.

Harvard and Princeton recently disclosed that they are reinstating their early-admissions programs for next year, giving students a few more options in the fall when applying to college. While Harvard and Princeton attempted to attract a more diverse applicant pool by doing away with early-admission programs, it turned out in fact to have the opposite effect. With economic pressures continuing to mount, many students want to find out their options as early as possible, and to compare financial aid packages whenever possible.

No matter whether you are planning to apply early decision to one college or early action to a few, make sure to plan out your whole list and to have your essays ready to go. With significant increases in applications to top schools, and a high percentage of those applications coming in early, competition for early-admission programs is even more fierce, leaving many scrambling to get their regular decision applications in on time after getting rejected or deferred ED.

College Essay Organizer can help you to organize everything in advance, so you know what to expect early in the game and don’t wind up slammed if you find out in December that you didn’t get into your top choice. Just so you get an idea of just how many essays you could be left to write in a lurch, check out our FREE Essay RoadMap preview.

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