North Carolina School of the Arts 2011 Essay Questions

The essay requirements for the North Carolina School of the Arts are live in the College Essay Organizer database. There are required, optional, and departmental essays to be found there, as there are with most of the arts schools in the database.

In NCSA's case, there are requirements that feel like they ask for traditional essays, but there's also an optional writing addition to the portfolio assessment:

A piece of creative writing (screenplay, short story, essay, etc.) may be submitted to the School of Filmmaking as part of the application portfolio for those interested inĀ  Directing, Picture Editing and Sound Design, Producing, and Screenwriting.

College Essay Organizer is not only for national universities and liberal arts colleges, we address a number of arts schools, religious institutions, and music conservatories as well. As with all schools in the database, you can use College Essay Organizer to find out about departments and scholarship opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise known were there.

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