Lake Forest College 2011 Essay Requirements

Lake Forest CollegeThis year Lake Forest College outdoes itself with 15 essay requirements, many of which are multi-part and multi-page.

For example, the requirement for the Buchanan Social Justice Scholarship requires applicants to address all of these points:

  • What social justice issues are of concern to you and how you are personally involved in addressing those concerns?
  • What leadership position have you held within a social justice organization?
  • Have you attended a local, national, or international conference focused on a social justice issue? If yes, please share more about what you experienced.
  • Have you received any awards or recognition relative to your involvement in social justice issues?
  • Student leaders at Lake Forest often effect change and leave a legacy from their contribution to the College community. As you look forward to your educational experience at Lake Forest, what social justice issue will you champion and how will you effect change within our community or the world at large?

It might look like a lot of work at first, but using College Essay Organizer can be a shortcut to money you didn't know was there.

Each year we comb school websites not just for primary application requirements, but also for optional, department-specific, honors, and scholarship essays. Your College Essay Organizer Essay RoadMap can be your map to extra achievement, not to mention cold hard cash.

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More On How To Pick Your University Acceptance Letter

Soon, young stallion.

College is close, young stallion. Very close indeed.

Yesterday we talked about where to seek out advice on which college to attend when your acceptance letters amount to an embarrassment of riches. One of the primary factors for students with multiple options is always cost. But make sure not to just look at the retail price of your college education (hello, sticker shock) - keep in mind the many possible sources of third-party money, not to mention the increase in your potential income over the professional life a more prestigious education may buy you.

There are many sources on the web (College Essay Organizer among them) that will help you find scholarship, fellowship, grant, and work-study opportunities to offset the increasingly intimidating cost of higher education. If you're able to begin work before you arrive at school and spread your applications far and wide, you may be surprised at the breadth of the resources out there. CEO's database of questions includes not only optional, departmental, and program-specific questions, but also scholarship, fellowship, and honors essays that can often result in free (as in really free) money for college. In many cases, those scholarships are renewable for the entire length of your stay at the university.

When you couple those opportunities with the fact that the education you're buying can pay dividends later on, often times the difference in quality of your more selective diploma can pay for itself. Think long term! It's not easy, especially at the end of your senior year, but it can really make a difference.

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There is Help Available to Make Your College Decision the Best One Possible

Are you looking for answers?

Most of the talk these days, is still about how to narrow down the list of acceptances, and possible acceptances (wait lists), and come to the best possible decision. For some, financial aid is the biggest consideration, often forcing a student to choose between a higher ranked school with a lesser aid package and a less competitive school offering a full scholarship.

In other cases, the decision may be between a school that the student has her heart on vs. a higher ranked school that the parents are pushing for. In yet another scenario, a student may be so heartbroken over a rejection that he is utterly unable to focus and consider the positives and negatives of his other choices.

Thankfully, there are places to turn when in need of a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear. One such site is The Choice, the NY Times blog dedicated to the college admissions process. Bruce Poch, an experienced admissions officer who has served at Pomona College, Wesleyan University and Connecticut College, is offering answers to admissions questions this week.

Poch's common sense responses are sure to be insightful and direct, and cut to the heart of the issues at hand.  Questions and answers are posted here, and they are sure to echo many of your own ongoing internal dialogues, so even if you don’t post a question, you can certainly benefit by checking it out.

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CEO's Best Essays Contest - Free Money For College!

Free Money At College Essay Organizer

Why is Abe Lincoln wearing a one dollar bill hat instead of a fiver? BECAUSE THAT'S JUST HOW HE ROLLS.

We know how much hard work you put into writing the perfect college essays this year, and now that the 2010/2011 admissions season has come to an end, we want to help you celebrate by giving away $1,000!

We invite you to enter College Essay Organizer's annual Best Essays Contest! The contest is open to all who applied to college this past fall, not just those who used College Essay Organizer.

Simply send an email by April 30 to [email protected] with your best essay pasted in (no attachments please), and we will alert you if you're among our cash winners.

Here are the prizes:

  • 1st place = $500
  • 2nd place = $200
  • 3rd place = $100
  • 4 honorable mentions = $50 each


  1. Only one admissions essay submission per person (pasted into the email - no attachments)
  2. Essay must be under 500 words
  3. Submission must be received by April 30
  4. Write "Contest" in the subject line
  5. You must have applied to college this past fall

So what are you waiting for? All the hard work is already done! Just send us your best essay and cross your fingers one last time. Hint: we like risky, creative, compelling, and just plain ol' fun essays!

Good luck!

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Lake Forest College Scholarship Applications - Essays Aplenty

Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, has a reasonable amount of essay requirements for its basic application - 4 on their own college application, or 2 supplements if you're using the Common Application.

But I'd bet you didn't know they have 23 scholarship application essays. Allow us to repeat: that's 23 additional essays.

Schools like Lake Forest are not uncommon. CEO's database is full of schools that have four or five basic requirements for admission, but more than ten optional, department-specific, and scholarship essays that come along with the regular application work load.

The University of Puget Sound's admission office steps it up with 22 department-specific and scholarship essays.

The University of Kentucky admission office doesn't mess around either - 16 department-specfic and scholarship essays.

But at CEO, we want you to look at this as a benefit rather than a problem. We do the work for you of searching for and organizing your essay requirements. One of the great perks of CEO is that we turn you on to departments and scholarship money you didn't even know existed.

So when you're using your Essay RoadMap and you see a surprisingly big number of total essays (hello, anyone applying to NYU), just know that we've pointed the way toward some great opportunities.

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Use College Essay Organizer To Find Money For College

Find Money For College With College Essay Organizer
By using College Essay Organizer’s Essay QuickFinder and Essay RoadMap services, you'll be told about scholarship opportunities you didn't even know were there!

Our extensive database of scholarship essays is delivered along with your regular essay questions at no extra cost! This is especially helpful with large state schools. With so many programs and special departments, these universities give you countless chances at scholarship money, but most students don’t know where to find it.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Davidson College has 7 scholarship essays
  • Texas A&M has 5 scholarship essays
  • The University of Kentucky has 10 scholarship essays

And better yet, College Essay Organizer saves you time. We’ve compiled an extensive list of the essay opportunities out there for all types of scholarships:

  • Merit-based
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