What's Next for Seniors

You've applied early. Now what?

Now that many seniors have submitted their early applications, what's next? The New York Times Choice Blog has posted a helpful checklist for seniors. While it's good to take a moment and breathe a sigh of relief that this important step is complete, there are other things that need attention:

  • Review your list of colleges one more time. You can always change your mind or make additions to your list.
  • Make sure to work on the applications for the schools that you will be applying to if you don't get in early. Don't wait till you hear back from those schools to get started. Nobody wants to spend their winter break scrambling to finish their essays and complete their applications.
  • Keep your teachers and counselors informed of your plans to apply to more colleges.
  • Keep your school grades up so you can finish your senior year on a high note.

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