Don’t Share the Joy of That College Acceptance Letter Just Yet

The application process is stressful enough without having to deal with erroneous admissions information.

No matter what decision you receive from a particular college, you may want to keep those high or low feelings a bit contained for the first 24 hours. After all, while technology has changed the landscape of how students are notified, it is far from glitch free.

This article in the New York Times reveals one recent experience in which students received quite a shock when they realized that the acceptance message they received from Vassar was quickly turned into a rejection letter. One student from Somers High School in Westchester County who received the false acceptance, said in an e-mail, “My mom called, like, my entire family. It was just a big letdown.”

While definitely an undesirable experience, it’s always nice to see the silver lining as Kareen Troussard, a student in Paris, was able to do. In an e-mail she alluded to the gaffe saving her from making a big mistake attending the school:  “I want to major in computer science, and Vassar doesn’t even know how to use a computer on the biggest day of our lives.”

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The Journal of College Admission Writes on New Technologies

Where does the road in that logo roam? To new technologies, my friend.

The Journal of College Admission, a publication that discusses the National Association for College Admission Counseling (or NACAC), recently put out an article called "Using Technology in Undergraduate Admission: A Student Perspective."

It points out that nearly all students are using various forms of technology to guide them through the admissions process. In fact, the article mentions that, "One survey found that 88 percent of college-bound prospective students would be disappointed or possibly eliminate a school from consideration if the institution's web site did not meet expectations."

We encounter many college websites that are more complicated than they need to be, especially in their organization of honors, scholarship, and departmental essays, so we commiserate with applicants who are frustrated by this. Lucky for you, CEO's goal is to design a simple technology that provides a solution while streamlining your efforts to simplify and organize the process. Glad to have you with us as we head into the new application season.