The College Essay is Your Chance to Tell a Story

Need some advice on the daunting college essay? The College Life Fair, held in Chicago on May 31, featured a Pulitzer Prize winner, an admissions officer at a highly prestigious college, and many other prominent individuals to do just that.

Jed Hoyer, a former admissions officer at Wesleyan University, stated the remark in the title. He also claimed: "Just make sure your story doesn’t have typos. Errors can give admissions officers a reason not to like you." Since the college essay is completely controlled by you before it reaches the hands of an admissions officer, always remember to perfect your grammar by double and triple checking your essay. And remember, a peer review always helps.

The prompt for the Common Application essay is entitled "Personal Statement." A personal statement can easily equate to a personal story. Everyone has a story to tell, whether uplifting or tragic, and each individual has a life story or experience to offer to the intellectual community of a college. So sit back, relax, and approach the college essay as a chance to tell a great story about yourself.

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