Notification for Early Applicants Coming Soon

Thousands of early applicants are still waiting to hear back from schools as to whether they've been accepted, rejected, or deferred, and many are wondering whether decisions will be later this year due to dozens of colleges postponing their early decision and early action deadlines as a result of widespread Common App glitches. William & Mary is one such school that delayed its early deadline till November 8th. According to its admissions department, "We always say early December as a notification, not December 1 because there are so many moving parts to completing a review process and we never know that we're ready to release decisions until the moment we do (last year for example a snow day and internet outage delayed our timeline). We do not yet know if the delayed application deadline will push back our release timeline. We just ask students to be patient. As soon as decisions are released we will let students know in all social media channels."

December is commonly stated as the month when early applicants are notified. Here's what some top colleges are projecting:

  • Amherst College: December 15
  • Boston University: December 15
  • Columbia University: December 12
  • Harvard University: Mid-December
  • New York University: December 15
  • Tufts University: December 18
  • University of Michigan: December 24
  • University of Virginia: January 31
  • Vassar College: Mid-December
  • William & Mary: Mid-December
  • Yale University: Mid-December
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Colleges Updated in College Essay Organizer for the 2013-2014 Season

Here is a list of colleges that have been updated through July 12 in College Essay Organizer for the 2013-2014 application season. Expect many more updates throughout the weekend and into next week.

  1. Boston College
  2. Elon University
  3. Georgetown University
  4. Georgia College and State University
  5. Gettysburg College
  6. Goucher College
  7. Haverford College
  8. High Point University
  9. James Madison University
  10. Louisiana State University
  11. Loyola University Chicago
  12. Lynchburg College
  13. McDaniel College
  14. Oregon State University
  15. Saint Joseph's College of Maine
  16. Stanford University
  17. Texas A&M University-College Station
  18. Tufts University
  19. University of Alabama
  20. University of California-Berkeley
  21. University of California-Davis
  22. University of California-Irvine
  23. University of California-Los Angeles
  24. University of California-Merced
  25. University of California-Riverside
  26. University of California-San Diego
  27. University of California-Santa Barbara
  28. University of California-Santa Cruz
  29. University of Chicago
  30. University of Connecticut
  31. University of Georgia
  32. University of Kansas
  33. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  34. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  35. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  36. University of Oregon
  37. University of Pennsylvania
  38. University of Pittsburgh
  39. University of Richmond
  40. University of San Francisco
  41. University of South Florida
  42. University of Texas-Austin
  43. University of Virginia
  44. Villanova University
  45. Virginia Tech
  46. Wake Forest University
  47. Washington and Lee University
  48. Wesleyan College
  49. Yale University
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