Common App Facing its Most Difficult Period in its History

The Common App recently sent out an email to members in an attempt to gain back user trust, which has been slowly eroding following months of technological glitches leading to schools across the country beginning to extend early application deadlines. The letter describes how the Common App will begin revamping its approach:

"As an organization, we have been too slow to respond. That ends today. We have written this communication to highlight three core values of our mission, explain how we have fallen short in realizing them, and provide details about how we pledge to do better."

Members can now subscribe here for daily updates on the status of current glitches the Common App is working through. Unfortunately, many of the ongoing issues will not be fixed in time for early applicants. If you would like to know more about the Common App's issues and how to avoid them, you can log into your College Essay Organizer account and click on the Essay Access tab to register for our upcoming webcast on Oct. 29 at 8pm entitled, "The Common Mis-App: Avoiding the Glitches and Submitting in Style."  

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