The Latest College Essay Questions Released for 2011-2012

More colleges released their 2011-2012 essay questions over the weekend - updated schools now include Florida State University, Wilkes University, and Georgia College and State University.

Florida State in particular is notable for releasing its primary application essay question far in advance of the actual application. The good people at Florida State clearly understand how important the essay is to the application and are putting emphasis on the prep work students ought to do on it. FSU's prompt is new for this application season and focuses on leadership, learning, and global awareness.

Our search for new essay prompts also led us to the requirements for Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, where we found not one but two typos in their primary essay question! Another example of how schools can hold students to standards they do not practice themselves. Remember to always put your best foot forward in your writing, and proof read. Something as simple as spelling can be a deal breaker.

College Essay Organizer's founder wrote an article for the New York Times on just this subject once upon a time. Have a look.

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