Tulane Broadens the Definition of Official Test Scores

Everyone is aware of the ever-rising cost of attending college, but the price tag on applying often gets overlooked. Not only can the applications themselves run over a thousand dollars if you're applying to a dozen schools, but there are also additional fees for sending test scores.

In an attempt to decrease costs and stress for applicants, Tulane is now accepting test score reports not submitted directly by the ACT or the College Board. Here are the steps to send them:

  • Take a screenshot or scan the official score report.
  • Email the score report to [email protected]
  • Ensure that the student’s name, date of birth, test month and year, and scores are legible on the score report.

If you have questions, please call Tulane at (800) 873-9283 or reach out to your school’s admission counselor.

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